Snow! Blue sky, sparkling snow and amazing views...Let's take some pictures now!

It is a bit chilly out but so beautiful! Colors are bright and vibrant, blues are intense, water glistens, snow sparkles, green pine trees bristle, the bit of golden grass glows! Such an amazing time for family photos in this lush landscape! Bundle up a little, take your mittens off at the last minute, or leave them on, mittens and scarves just add more color to the moment of cold, clear, icy beauty! I am excited, this is new to me, and awesome! I recently arrived here from the warm climate of Hawaii and the hot, hot sunshine. It is a little more effort to get outside in the mountains on a chilly day, but so worth it! This is such an breathtaking change! I am so happy to get out and enjoy

Kids at play - best family portraits ever

Kids would rather not sit still to have their picture taken, and I don't blame them, what fun is that? Let's play! Real smiles, real joy, happy kids, let's forget about the camera and have some fun! It works for grown-ups too! Kids just have a way of finding fun and when they do, if we let them show us how, the perfect images just happen. Every time I can get the whole family to forget there is a camera involved and just have fun I have accomplished what I set out to do. Happy faces! The pictures say it all. Kids show us perfect joy...and their great view of life. Sweet, serene, authentic pout, sassy attitude, silly smile, when I capture those emotions with my camera I have a smile on my fac

It’s engagement season...romance is in the air

This is the season for romantic evenings by the fireplace, cuddling up to your sweetheart and maybe even a surprise, a ring and that question! It could be a impulsive moment or a well-orchestrated surprise. Whether it's a ring and a bottle of champagne while on a hike, or an elaborate and expensive event, a proposal or engagement portrait can capture those emotional moments. What a perfect time for epic environmental images of the happy couple with joyful and romantic portraits. I have had the honor to capture momentous occasions, when the nervous boyfriend, open ring box in hand drops to his knee, and he always does, pops the question and waits, breathless for his answer. On one occasion, I

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