Hints for Newborn photo session

Simple, when it comes to dressing a baby for a newborn photo session my best advice is to keep it simple. A simple swaddle always shows off that sweet baby’s face, a soft blanket to snuggle on is perfect. A little knit hat or a soft bow are easy to add to a sleeping baby on a blanket. Often less is more. An adorable little baby with no clothes or just a diaper is always a favorite. Plain colors or gentle prints are flattering and won’t distract from the cuteness of baby. It is fun to try one frilly, silly or elaborate outfit. Be ready to calm and feed between outfit changes if all that activity wakes baby. Two or three or outfits is probably plenty. Make sure those sweet little hands and

Welcome to the world baby Demi

It’s an honor, a privilege and a joy to photograph and share some of the first precious moments of a brand new little life. This new little person, tiny and delicate, exceptionally beautiful, precious and perfect has an extra special place my heart. I am thrilled to say baby Demi is the newest member of my family, my sweet little granddaughter. I love photographing babies, sleeping, waking, crying, all those amazing moments. I want to hold on to every tiny instant. Precious little ones grow and change overnight. I spent a few weeks with baby Demi, and her adorable big brother, and of course her exhausted mom and dad. I had lots and lots of time to observe her lovely moments, but because I am

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