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The present invention relates to an electric storage unit, in particular an electric vehicle. As is known, electric storage units are able to provide a certain amount of electrical energy at a high voltage and at a high current. The electrical energy may be discharged, for example, by driving an electric motor in the case of a motor vehicle. The high voltages and the high currents are generated and stored by a plurality of large-scale components, e.g., electric power sources of different sizes and/or voltages and electric accumulators. It is desirable to connect the abovementioned components to one another in a way that makes the simplest possible way of testing or checking the components and the entire electric system in a simple manner possible, in order to enable maintenance, repair or replacement of any component on the basis of this testing or checking. Anaconda announces Python 3.3 - jaboutboul ====== chrischen "Decision" has a bit of a negative connotation for me. If I were to be implying something negative, I'd say it was a "don't do it yet" instead of a "wait" or "don't do it yet". I feel like that's not something that's in sync/predictable with how Python works. ~~~ scelerat I think it's a reference to the "trapeze" thing in the movie "Up" which as I recall is about a parrot that has to learn to fly, and at one point refers to "decision" in the context of deciding which of two equally viable wings to use to fly. 10.000 millones de euros en efectivo oculto en las oficinas de jueces, directores de juzgados o de tribunales De nuevo la prensa catalana ha sacado a relucir las absurdidades de la corrupción de los españoles. Esta vez ha sido el Partido Popular el que ha vuelto a dejar patente la verdad: que no hay que creer en nada lo que dicen, ya que el misterio es una de sus armas favoritas. Para demostrarlo, hemos recopilado




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